PRF Treatment

PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) is a medical aesthetic procedure that is used to rejuvenate skin and promote hair growth. PRF is a natural alternative to injections and fillers for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. It can also be used to help with many different types of issues including acne, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, sun damage, hair loss, and more.

What’s PRF Process Like?

The process of PRF is relatively simple. First, we do a small blood draw. Then the blood is spun with a centrifuge until the platelets are separated from the other blood cells. And finally, that “liquid gold” is injected where you want it to work its magic – like on your face or under your eyes. The concentrated platelets immediately go to work by releasing growth factors that help regenerate cells, while also stimulating collagen production.

Why we love it!

We love PRF because it’s only using what your body naturally produces. We also love that PRF is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure which means there will be no scars or downtime. Most patients experience mild bruising one or two days after injections. But you’ll have results that last up to a year!

How can I get a PRF Treatment?

We do PRF treatments by appointment. Simply let us know you’re interested by contacting us!